The Power of Small Gifts

So I woke up at 2.30am for no apparent reason. That is always a time for scary ideas.

I wake up, check email and there’s a mail from Amazon. It’s suggesting that I take a look at something called a Platypus, which has a new product out. For a moment, I look at it and think ‘why are they sending me this?’

Then I remember.

A couple years ago a friend of mine, who is a bit of a drinker (and I say that in a good way) was joking about not being able to take her wine places, like ballgames. I knew there had to be a solution, found it - Platypus - and on a whim, bought her one.

She loved it.

About six months later, I found myself in a situation where I happened to be in her town and needed a favor. I’m not saying she did it because I bought her something previously, but maybe it entered her mind. She did me a huge favor, getting me out of a potentially bad situation.

A small gift. A whim. I wish more people understood their power.

Maybe Amazon does. Maybe those little reminder emails, the ones that are just on the edge of annoying, really work for them. They must, because I keep getting them.

You never know where a small gift might lead or how much power it might hold, if only in a smile.


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